Monday, July 10, 2006


New Update

New panels for Chapter 4.
Refuge Home Page

Being currently unable to upload images (my computer having broken down resulting in the deletion of all files etc. Luckily I have a back up CD of comic stuff, unfortunately minus my recent weeks work) I did make an upload just before the damned thing bust on me so at least I have stored some work on the site. Nothing is on my computer and I now am spending all my time uploading software and copying files across. I suppose you have to just grin a bear it. Anyway the files are up. I'm sure other people have been in this situation. For a moment last night I was staring complete destruction in the face; of all my last years work, gone, getting a bit shaky. What a relief to find the back up disks. Things are re-surfacing slowly though. I am going to have to redraw last weeks work! I might take the chance to edit some of the older panels too.

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