Friday, June 02, 2006


Comic Over-complications

Idea for a comic where the structure is repeated; the character experiences some event (large or small) and only experiences, feels the effects of, thinks or his life is effected by it, after the event. He does not experience the here and now. This can work out circular and the character can then act in a way not in line with the "normal" reactions to original events due to his either playing down or exaggerating the original experience. Then what is real and not real becomes vague. This is a framework for a series of short comic stories on a theme, much like "Litte Nemo In Slumberland" in repetitive structure leaving the fill in story quite open. I would have to think of a repetitive ending.

There is the idea that once an experience has happened i.e; after the event, it can be looked back upon, can be invested with emotions and fragments of memories so that the image of that event, its memory "takes on a life of it's own". The artist can use this "life” to create new "experience" that uses the various artifices of composition, narrative structure and materials etc. to enrich the experience, like pouring dye into clear water, to simulate it, to create a hyper real equivalent or a completely separate organism based upon the emotional after-charge of the original experience when reflected upon.

Experiences of course merge together in memory and a remembered event is infused with a number of other similar events and the present surrounding events of the day. Something repeated is something changed. Almost the air in which it is floating in transforms it. The atmosphere contaminates all new born events. The maker always leaves his or her print. Recapturing something is then a tricky business. The found thing symbolises all of those like things that one has experienced throughout ones life. Things are continuously being transformed, taken apart and being re-put back together again. It seems that the closer I get to the original the further I get from my own experience of it.

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