Saturday, July 26, 2008


Some Changes

I have taken Chapter 4 and included it into a new comic narrative that just contains a series of dream sections. I felt that this chapter 4 was needlessly over complicating the 'Refuge' story and could be included in a separate narrative on it's own. I have a series of dream sequences sketched out and they will be inked up as and when, to add to this one. So currently there are four chapters of 'Refuge', Chapter 5 now being Chapter 4. The old Chapter four is now the first chapter/Number of 'Train Journey' (provisional title). I hope that all this makes some sort of sense.

Thursday, July 24, 2008



JoJo word comic.  Click to see enlarged version.

A word comic that I have been working on for too long now and that I have to finally put up online or throw it in the bin. Not complete, not even finished, but it is at least some physical evidence of work, that I have been doing something for the past weeks. I could show you several different versions and they could all be put up. In fact putting this up gives me the chance to bring it to some sort of conclusion. It is a relief, yet I am still fighting back urges to re-do panels and adjust the narrative.

To do something short. To confine a passage to the minimum number of panels. To use words and abstract imagery/signs to suggest space and things happening, just like in a normal narrative only in this the text comes to the fore and the imagery is more integrated into the words rather than the other way around.

Click on image for larger version.


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