Tuesday, April 25, 2006


About Refuge Webcomic

Over the following weeks I am going to be looking over aspects of the past four chapters and editing bits if I think they need changing. This as well as continuing uploading new sections of the story. Inevitably, with the process of uploading once a week, I have occasionally to go back and edit scenes. It is rather like drawing a large mural in public with the wall I am painting on stretching for miles with interested passers by noticing changes as they go too and from work and so on(myself bein just a dirty layabout on the street). All my mistakes are on view for criticism. Had I finished the whole comic and then put it up on line then still I would have had to edit in places. It is interesting how my alertness to errors doubles once a section is uploaded so I then have to dash online and take down my washing to replace it wit cleaner stuff.

Refuge is progressing each week but I imagine that for a reader it is such a slow moving development. I can only upload so much in a week and this may take seconds to read and even then no conclusion as I have left it unfinished ready for the next upload. These are inherent problems with the way I have chosen to create the comic.

Being a long comic I know that it is going to take a number of months if not years to finish and even then I may well go back over some of it and edit bits. I do have other shorter comics on the go and they will appear later in the year.

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