Monday, March 06, 2006


Morning Improv, Bugs and Drunken Comics

After the finishing of the third chapter of 'Refuge', Scott McCloud and his Morning Improv, Joe Zabel(Webcomics Examiner) at Drunken Comics Reviews and Mathew Badham at the U.K. comics blog Bug Powder have linked to the Refuge Webcomic site, giving me far more traffic than I could ever have imagined possible.

I have started a Live Journel, mirroring this blog to advertise Refuge updates and link to like minded friends online.

I am writing a book about secrets and I am trying to incorporate secrets from all over the world. It's easy and it's a chance to be part of a great a book. Just write your secret up to a thousand words. Sign it with an annonymous name, age and city/state you are from. Mail it to P.O. box 389243 Cincinnat Ohio 45238. Do not use your real name or any business names. They will not be used! Your secret can be as innocent or as dark as you want it to be. Tell your friends and family and anyone else who may want to do this. All secrets must be received by July 1st 2006. look for the book titled "Sshhh it's a secret" subtitled " confessions of the soul" in 2007. Thanks for everything! once I recieve your name I will post it on my website so you know I have your letter. it's
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