Sunday, February 19, 2006


Refuge Comments

Joe Zabel: "Disquieting, dreamlike fantasies played out in sublime sidescrolling panoramas."

Jonathan Page: "A nightmare... there's a strong mix of claustrophobia and foreboding in it...waiting for the next update is like waiting for a storm to appear.

It has the dream like quality of nineteen thirties strips too, the sudden violence or distortion of reality I remember from Krazy Kat et alia. The tight close focus on bodies moving (a restricted palate, repetitive, simple) creates a mesmerising rhythm - i.e. you can't get away for a bit into a comforting, spectacular, take-up-four frames landscape etc, you're always mise en scene."

Comment by . After reading 'Refuge' - a graphic novel online.

Chapters so far:

Chapter One - "A home"

Chapter Two - "Going Out"

Chapter Three - "Migraine"

Chapter Four - "Detour"

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