Thursday, February 16, 2006


Horizontal Scrolling?

To me Horizontal scrolling can create a continuous narrative that doesn't have the breaks that conventional page layout can have. It projects the reader on a journey across one long strip of images, propelling the story forward and aiding the momentum of the narrative.

It almost creates in itself a new medium, one in-between print comic and cinema, whilst also harking back to the excitement of old children’s theatrical projectors.

Scrolling using the arrow keys on the keyboard can give a pleasant experience, watching the images scroll past at a readable pace - scene one, now scene two and so on. You can just sit back and watch the screen, yet it has all of the 'language' of comics.

What does this side scrolling experience provide for the viewer? I'd be interested to know if anybody has any experience of side scrolling and what their opinions are, the good and the bad.

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